St Bartholomew's Church Thursday Teas

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If you know of anyone who would like to come to the teas, or if you would like to volunteer yourself or perhaps simply like to know more about the teas, please call Pam Cox (01227 700378).

Thursday Teas under way

Our picture shows local residents enjoying tea and talk with their friends

Village Teas

The monthly Thursday Teas is an event held monthly in Waltham Village Hall, chiefly aimed at more elderly villagers, for some of whom it represents an opportunity to socialise with friends they might not otherwise see regularly. It is entirely volunteer-run, and attendees pay a small nominal sum which defrays the cost of using the Village Hall. Tea is provided, along with sandwiches and cakes, by a small group of dedicated volunteers who work in pairs. There are enough volunteers so that each pair is only on duty about three times a year. Other volunteers provide transport for any of those wishing to attend who would otherwise be unable to come.

This event has been running now for about 13 years. It grew out of discussions between members of the St Bartholomew's PCC and its then vicar, and a desire to outreach to the local community. Teas are held monthly with the exception of August and December, on the first Thursday of the month, from 2pm until about 4pm.

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