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Film Club

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Film Club - what is it?

The Film Club has come about as a way to get village people together for an enjoyable indoor event that doesn't involve any travel for most people. It also serves as a mechanism to raise funds for the maintenance of the Village Hall. Films will be shown at the Village Hall on an irregular but frequent basis. This is ideal for winter evenings when it's a bit cold to go too far, and at other times of year it's just nice to have another option for the evening.

The intention is to provide a mixture of film types so that parents and children can enjoy them. On a Sunday, there might be a matinee oriented towards a younger audience, with a different genre film in the evening.

Where's the list of upcoming showings?

The only way to make the Film Club feasible at low cost has been to take out a licence which on the one hand permits the showing of any film that someone happens to have a DVD of, but on the other allows no public advertising, or charging for admission. Members of the Film Club will be notified of an upcoming showing, and this is done by email.

So to hear about future showings, you will need to have joined by sending an email to Julie and Lynn at requesting to be put on the email list.

Alternatively, look on the Waltham Village Facebook Page, where the Film Club events (indicating which film will be shown) are advertised, as this is a closed, not public, group. You can reach that page here on Facebook.

Refreshments are not provided, however you are very welcome to bring your own.

At some point during each showing there will be an invitation to members to make a donation for the event. All proceeds go towards the Village Hall fund.

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