Waltham Preparedness A resource for the inhabitants of Waltham

Being prepared

You may remember that around Christmas 2013 Waltham had a power cut of nearly two days. And more recently than that residents were without telephone or Internet access due to an attempted cable theft. And for the moment we also have poor mobile phone coverage. In addition we may suffer from heavy snowfall or blocked roads, fire or injury.

The question for residents to ask themselves is how well they are prepared for any of these situations. To help address this, the Kent local authorities and services have put together a leaflet (that you can see here) available from their website www.kentprepared.org.uk along with other information.

Power Cuts

The Kent Prepared website also lists some emergency numbers, in particular for power emergencies. However, for information about power cuts you should call the number listed for UK Power Networks, who run the distribution network. Don't call your electricity supplier. The number to call can been seen on the UK Power Networks website.

Basic Items

Some items to keep handy in case of a power cut:

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